Packing & Crating

Because we are aware of the importance and value of what we transfer to our customers, and out of our interest in our responsibilities towards our customers, we have been keen to provide the means to protect what we transport, by providing the skills and materials necessary to provide the best packaging methods and images in line with the nature and needs of each item

Why should you choose First Cargo from all others Shipping companies in Saudi Arabia?

Here’s what to expect after hiring us to ship your stuff:

  • Movers with years of experience that are professional, approachable, friendly.
  • Packers that can pack any type of items in the quickest and safest manner.
  • A selection of premier moving and logistics services, including packing services.
  • The company that will honor the written agreement to the letter
  • Catering to your needs, since customer satisfaction is our main goal.
  • Quick and stress-free relocation

We are trustworthy and reliable